Welcome to
Adoptive Families Coalition

Our mission is to strengthen adoptive and foster families through connection, training, and support.

After much consideration, Adoptive Families Coalition is closing the doors on their programs and organization. It has been an absolute joy to serve adoptive families over the last 12 years, helping to raise more than 3 million dollars for therapeutic treatment not covered by insurance.

Our hearts are heavy to come to this decision as we know resources are so limited. The following are suggestions for parents looking for treatment and financial assistance.

Out-of-Home Placements

Each child and their needs are unique. It is recommended to work with a professional(s) to find the appropriate treatment option for your struggling child. Preferably ones who have experience with adoption/attachment & trauma issues.

Financial Assistance

  • Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Personal Loan/Third Party Lenders
  • Insurance (Federal Health Parity Law)
  • Medical (Check with your CPA regarding Publication 502)
  • Local School District
  • Social Security Disability
  • State Adoption Subsidy
  • Copaa.com
  • Non-Profit Organizations (Sky’s the Limit, Saving Teens in Crisis Collaborative, Jason William Hunt Foundation, Parker Bounds Johnson Foundation)