2018 Quick Year-In-Review

Happy New Year and THANK YOU for your compassionate support of Adoptive Families Coalition.

Accomplishments you made possible:

  • BALL BASH- raised nearly $30,000 for the expansion of programs to resource families with post-adoption challenges. Mark your calendar to participate in this year’s Bash, November 2, 2019!
  • CHILDREN’S CHAMPIONS- raised enough funds to secure our operations budget for the year to ensure 100% of donations to our sponsorship program go directly toward the children’s therapeutic treatment. To hear more about how you can become a children’s champion supporter for 2019, please contact carol.barger@adoptive.org.
  • SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM- 113 families in crisis reached out to our team for resources and over 30 families are actively raising funds to provide life changing treatment for their sons and daughters living with the effects of trauma and abuse. Received and dispersed $200,000 for therapy. Distributed 30 Parent Resource Care Kits.
  • THE CENTER ON THIRD- Opened a new support center and office in Logan, UT. Also, AFC received a generous grant from the DKJ Memorial Foundation and Select Health to begin our “Adopt the Arts” program at The Center.

Due to your kindness and generosity we have been able to bless so many hurting families and look forward to helping even more in 2019!

Forever grateful,

Jackie Palmer

Executive Director