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Jim and Jackie’s world was changed forever when they unexpectedly discovered the severe emotional, behavioral and mental health challenges  of their adopted baby boy. They needed financial support for intensive therapeutic treatment, but after much searching the family soon realized that the funding they needed was non-existent. Through this experience, the Palmers determined there had to be a better way to get help— both for their own child and for other families going through the same struggles. In 2010, Jim and Jackie with Carol Barger decided to take action.

First, they founded a sponsorship program in collaboration with the Finally Home Foundation. Demand for sponsorships grew, and in 2012, they, along with like-minded visionaries, established Adoptive Families Coalition (AFC) to expand their offerings. In addition to financial assistance through their sponsorship program, AFC provides parent coaches, resource networking database, and support for families struggling to help their child heal from attachment and trauma.

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