All in a Day at AFC

What do we do here at AFC? This is a fairly typical day:
    • Talk to families about our sponsorship program and share resources.
    • Receive phone calls and/or texts from parents who need a listening ear. (TODAY’S MESSAGE was from a mom who sent a text with a video of her son’s self destructive behavior and she just needed someone to see, care, understand and help her stay balanced through the trauma. We are grateful to be available to listen, empathize, identify, sometimes rush to help, but always be there to commend the parent for their intentional and enduring commitment to give the best they have to offer to their child with challenging issues and behaviors.)
    • Receive and process sponsorship donations to help parents with post-adoptive therapeutic treatment costs.
    • Collaborate with other organizations to advocate for better mental health insurance coverage.
    • Network with other foster and adoption support organizations.
    • Work on fundraising to advance support for post adoption needs.
    • Attend attachment and trauma training in search of quality resources for parents.
If you are looking for resources, would like to know more about our sponsorship program or need a listening ear and caring encouragement, do check out our website and our Adoptive Families Coalition Facebook page for resources and a number to call.