Awesome Outcome – November 2017 Adoption Month

Adoptive Families Coalition (AFC) is thrilled to share this true story of the model of success provided by the financial sponsorship program offered in support of adoptive families. Rachel*, a family’s 14-year-old adopted daughter, was in desperate need of intensive therapeutic treatment for Depression and Anxiety. She had struggled for years with deep internal issues that were damaging to her and threatening her life. The cost of prescribed residential treatment was beyond what the family could afford. Having to ask for help was very humbling for Rachel’s parents but, for their child’s sake and very possibly her life, the family reached out for community support through AFC. The grateful outcome of Rachel’s story is that funding was generously provided through financial partners. After 9 months of intensive therapeutic treatment Rachel’s life turned from self-harm, failing in school, depressive behaviors and suicidal attempts to a positive view of herself. She became engaged with the family, made new friends, passed her classes with above average grades and no longer turned to self-harm or suicidal thoughts to alleviate her strong emotions! Rachel and her family are forever grateful for their support through AFC that made this life changing experience possible. Without help from the community the outcome could have been tragically very different. Families are invited to consider applying with AFC for a financial sponsorship to help fund their child’s need for therapeutic treatment. Donors are invited to help support these families by visiting the website to donate generally for families or to the specific family profiles listed.
*Psuedo name used for privacy purposes.