2018 Quick Year-In-Review

Happy New Year and THANK YOU for your compassionate support of Adoptive Families Coalition. Accomplishments you made possible: BALL BASH- raised nearly $30,000 for the expansion of programs to resource families with post-adoption challenges. Mark your calendar to participate in this year’s Bash, November 2, 2019!CHILDREN’S CHAMPIONS- raised enough funds to secure our operations budget […]

2017 Highlights

THANK YOU for your generosity to Adoptive Families Coalition (AFC).  As a result of your amazing support, we had a fantastic year helping children with severe challenges. Here are some highlights of how we have together assisted more adoptive families: • CHILDREN’S CHAMPIONS– raised enough funds to secure our operations budget for the year to […]

A Healing Journey

One of our recent calls was from a mother who adopted a sibling group from foster care. The family opened their hearts and home to 2 boys and a girl when they were 1, 2, and 4 years old. These sweet children experienced horrific physical and sexual abuse before being removed from the only home […]

Awesome Outcome – November 2017 Adoption Month

Adoptive Families Coalition (AFC) is thrilled to share this true story of the model of success provided by the financial sponsorship program offered in support of adoptive families. Rachel*, a family’s 14-year-old adopted daughter, was in desperate need of intensive therapeutic treatment for Depression and Anxiety. She had struggled for years with deep internal issues […]

AZ Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith, and Family

Arizona’s Council on Child Safety and Family Empowerment is one of the nine community systems serving the Governor’s Council on Youth, Faith, and Family. This council was created to align, leverage, and coordinate faith-based and community resources to solve challenges faced by  our most vulnerable children and families within the child welfare system. It also […]


  It doesn’t just take a VILLAGE it takes a TRIBE! The wonderful moms who are part of a small group at a northern Utah church generously contributed 25 care kits to families of children suffering from childhood trauma. Most of the TRIBE moms have young children but still took the time & energy to […]

MAYDAY! It’s Mother’s Day!!

Another mother’s day has come and gone, how did you survive?? I hope it was enjoyable and went off without too much drama! My goal was to have this blog out before mother’s day, but really struggled with sending another reminder about a holiday that can be so difficult for us trauma families. Either you have a […]

What is a Typical Desperation Request to AFC?

The Before Story What is a Typical Desperation Request to AFC? 5-month-old “Spencer” was taken to the hospital with a broken arm. X-rays showed multiple previous breaks that had healed. Since this child and his brother had previously been in child protective services custody they were removed again. “Spencer” and his brother moved from one […]

I’m Praying For You

I have the privilege and heartache of speaking with many adoptive families from across the United States. Sadly, most are calling our organization exhausted and desperate for help with their child who is experiencing severe behavioral and mental health challenges. The most recent call was from a mom who has 2 adopted sons. I could […]

All in a Day at AFC

What do we do here at AFC? This is a fairly typical day: Talk to families about our sponsorship program and share resources. Receive phone calls and/or texts from parents who need a listening ear. (TODAY’S MESSAGE was from a mom who sent a text with a video of her son’s self destructive behavior and […]