Evie’s Journey



Evie is the oldest of a sibling group of five full biological siblings that we adopted after God placed a mission on our hearts to try to keep a sibling group together. Aren’t they beautiful?

Despite our best efforts, Evie was not healing as well in our home as the younger four were due to the trauma from her past. Every day became a battle. We began exploring options to be able to get her the help she needed AND keep her in our home, however, as we talked with therapists and mentors, we realized that a Christian therapeutic boarding school would provide the best healing environment.

The school that God directed us to is amazing! The staff LOVES Jesus and they love these girls. The school has a very small student body and they provide a therapeutic environment through group therapy sessions, equine therapy, and individual therapy. They will be working with our other kids on sibling dynamics and they will be working with us, as Evie’s parents, during the time Evie is there and will also support our family for a full year after Evie comes home.

We have never felt more sure that God is going to provide. After all, it’s His mission, not ours, so we are excited to see how He funds it. If you want to be part of this mission by giving, great! If not, don’t give – maybe He is directing you to pray instead! We need lots of prayer warriors too, and in fact, that is even more important to us than giving. This is Evie’s soul that is hanging in the balance and we need as many people storming the gates of heaven on our family’s behalf as possible!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so fully in this calling!