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Floyd Family Page

byJackie Palmer

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Jackie Palmer

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We adopted our son when he was 3-years-old.  He had been removed from his biological parents’ home due to child abuse.  Both parents also used drugs, and neuropsychological testing has since showed that our son was likely exposed to drugs and alcohol in utero.  After being in multiple foster homes, our children finally came to live in their forever home.  Unfortunately, abuse, drugs and alcohol, and neglect can have long lasting effects that are not simply healed through love.  Despite spending the next 10 years in a loving, attentive, 2-parent, Christian home, our son has continued to struggle with difficult behaviors.  We have taken him to numerous therapists, including several specialists in Reactive Attachment Disorder.  Our son has also been on numerous psychotropic medications and had several inpatient hospitalizations.

Unfortunately, his difficulties have increased to the point where a level of treatment and supervision greater than a family can possibly provide, is needed.  After researching numerous treatment options, we came to believe that a Therapeutic Boarding School is the best chance for healing.  These programs are not available in Oklahoma and insurance will not cover the cost, which is approximately $5,000 a month. We are humbly asking for financial support from our family and friends to get our son the help he needs.

Due to your generosity, our son has now been in treatment at a school that specializes in reactive attachment disorder in Utah for a year.  We still believe this is the best place for him.  The staff are knowledgeable about the issues our son faces and are capable of working with him.  This has also allowed us to provide a safe home for our other three children.  Any support we can get to help us continue to provide our son with the treatment he needs is greatly appreciated. Please consider if you can make a one time or monthly donation to help change our son’s life; offering him hope and a bright future. 100% of your recommended tax deductible donation goes directly to his treatment.  THANK YOU!!