Isaac’s Journey



Thanks for reading our story and learning about our journey. We adopted Isaac at birth from IA. We didn’t know how different things were with Isaac right away because he was our first child. It was all that we knew. Over the years, we started to realize we had our hands full. After years of counseling and therapy, we learned of a new diagnosis for Isaac called Reactive Attachment Disorder or RAD. Basically this diagnosis means it is very difficult for Isaac to attach relationally and emotionally with anyone. In fact, the closer one gets to him the more he reacts to push you away. This results in Isaac being unable to feel loved, to love himself and to feel the love of God. I can’t imagine how difficult life must seem for him on a daily basis. During the past season we have realized that we are ill equipped to help Isaac heal from this difficult disorder, so we began looking at people and places that are experts in this area (RAD). The best treatment program we have found is in Missouri. It specializes in healing RAD and has access to, and uses, the most cutting edge treatment. Isaac will learn how to navigate life with new skills learned through canine therapy, adventure therapy, family therapy, clinical therapy, all while continuing to receive an accredited education. The program has an impeccable success rate over 90%.  The inpatient program is 12-18 months. We have been told to plan on longer because of Isaac’s age (11). The cost for Isaac to participate in this program is substantial. The daily self pay cost is $432 a day, $12,960 a month or $157,680 a year. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover this necessary treatment and we can’t foot the bill on our own. We need help. It is hard for us to ask for help, but we love Isaac and we want a life for him. That best life can only come through healing and from where we stand today, this program is our best chance for healing. Our fundraising goal is $200,000. We understand this is a substantial amount of money, but many hands makes for light work. Adoptive Families Coalition in a non-profit organization partnering with us to make sure every penny raised will go directly to treatment.  Friends, Families, and businesses can make tax-deductible donations in Isaac’s name and 100% of the donation goes to his care. There are no fees to us and AFC will match the first $2000 in donations. THANK YOU!