Tage’s Journey toward Healing



In 2003, Tage came into our family as an infant through international adoption. He arrived with some minor physical health issues, but it started to become obvious early on that he was also facing emotional and mental health challenges. Over the years he has been diagnosed with a myriad of complex disorders, but at the root of his struggle is  Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). In short, relationships and attachments are a daily —minute by minute —struggle for Tage to “believe” in and appropriately respond to. In fact, the closer love gets, the more unsafe he can feel and express himself. As a family where our faith and the love of God and family members are our “home base” so to speak in times of stress and struggle, this was so difficult for us to understand and created more and more distance in our ability to communicate and heal together.

As Tage got older, cycles of anxiety and depression became more and more dangerous in terms of keeping him safe.  The trauma and strain on our whole family and the reality that we could not give our son what he needed to keep him safe or maybe even alive, prompted us to seek more intensive care for our son. After much research and prayer, we decided upon Wilderness Therapy in Wisconsin followed by a program in Missouri that specializes in RAD treatment. These programs and relational approach they take have a 90% success rate including family involvement, time, and follow up care. It is the kind of hope we were looking for and are currently invested in. We believe in this chance and we believe in Tage. However, the cost of this kind of specialized mental health care is often not covered by insurance.

Following a recommendation from a family friend struggling with the same adoptive parent situation, we turned to the non-profit organization Adoptive Family Coalition (AFC) for help. They are partnering with us to raise funds to help pay for the high cost of treatment to change Tage’s life. It is difficult to humble ourselves and ask for this kind of help. But as with our learning in Tage’s situation, we are simply unable to do this without the support of our “community”. We are so grateful for any help you, as family members, friends, and business partners can make in Tage’s name. These are tax deductible  donations. There are no fees to us and AFC will match our first $2000 in donations.  Every penny of every dollar will go directly to Tage’s treatment and therapy bills left outstanding.  We are so grateful for your help to give Tage a chance for healing so he can share his love and many talents with his family and the world. This boy is amazing and brave. THANK YOU!