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byJackie Palmer

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Jackie Palmer

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On January 26, 2007, our precious Sasha was born. Even before she entered this world, she had already faced obstacles, and began her life with an uphill battle. Sasha’s birth mother made the hardest decision a mom could make, which was to place her for adoption in a different family, in hopes that Sasha could have the kind of life that she wasn’t able to provide at that time. Although this decision was made out of love for Sasha, and even though she was fully embraced and cherished in her new family, it came at a cost for her. Sasha was an intelligent, curious, and bright baby. She was loved fiercely, yet felt loss, even as an infant. As her parents, we gave her everything we could, but it was never enough. By age 5, it was clear that Sasha had emotional challenges and behaviors that were beyond what we could address. We reached out for professional help and started using parenting techniques that were sensitive to the trauma that occurs for children who were adopted. We worked with numerous therapists and did everything we could to reach her, to let her know that she was safe and loved. When Sasha was 11, it was clear more dramatic measures would need to be taken to get her the help she needed. Even though it broke our hearts, we made the decision to utilize a residential program, in hopes that a fully immersive and comprehensive treatment would help her. We found an amazing program in Missouri that specializes in working with children who have experienced developmental trauma. From the first time we spoke with them, we knew they were our best hope for helping Sasha. They provide a nurturing, therapeutic environment based on relationships, that allows the child to heal. Their treatment model uses neurofeedback, canine therapy, and occupational therapy in combination with individual, group, and family therapy. They don’t use artificial level systems or behavioral modification programming to produce short-term results, but allow the child to discharge trauma and heal at their own pace. As parents, we are involved every step of the way. Because this approach cannot be rushed or forced, the program is approximately 15-18 months. This type of treatment is unique, and it is costly. One month of treatment is $12,400 and is not covered by our insurance.  We are fully committed to assuring that Sasha receives the treatment she needs even though the cost will be high, both emotionally and financially. We are grateful to have found the Adoptive Families Coalition as they are a 501(c)(3) so all donations are tax deductible and there are no fees associated with donating, so 100% of your money goes towards Sasha’s tuition.  Thank you for everyone’s encouragement, support, prayers etc. We definitely could not do this alone!