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Friends and Family-

First of all, we want to express our heartfelt thanks for your extreme generosity in helping us provide this opportunity for Olivia to attend her therapeutic program.  We have been blessed with enough donations to cover March and April’s tuition.  The monthly tuition for Olivia’s treatment is $7000.  We currently have monthly donors which will cover about $3000 of this amount.  We are still needing to come up with enough funds to cover $4000 each month that she is there. We are hoping to be able to recover some money through insurance reimbursement, but we are just not sure at this time what that is going to look like.  She is likely to be in this placement 12-18 months.  Since our original post, we have had some really sweet conversations with many of you.  We’ve also been able to network with others who have traveled a similar road…..to pray with them, and share stories and resources.

Please feel free to share her link with others who you feel might be led to support an adopted child in this way.  The needs that come with parenting children from hard places are unpredictable. The truth is that there are MANY families who are in similar circumstances to ours in various degrees.  These families who have been put together via adoption have often already had extremely expensive fertility treatments even prior to financing their adoption.  Thankfully in our case, our adoptions were not as costly as most since we adopted through the state.  I just feel that this is an issue that is under recognized.  Many people just don’t realize the emotional and financial toll that comes with this particular path to parenthood.  However, I also know that there are some of you who know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. It’s exhausting and isolating.  Please do reach out to me if I can provide a listening ear or perhaps some help or resources.  I have to believe there is a greater purpose in this struggle and that God has much more work to do beyond Olivia’s story.

Regarding Olivia and how she is progressing in her treatment….  This week she has moved from Stage One to Stage Two.  To do this she had to receive two out of three yes votes in the following categories:  Peer, Staff and Parents.  Olivia was able to apply for Stage Two by stating what she feels she has accomplished so far and her goals for Stage Two.  Gabe and I also had to give feedback on her goals as well as state our goals for her in each category including:  Spiritual, Therapeutic, Academic, Social, and Physical.  Her goals were well thought out and we were very pleased with her application.

We were able to speak with her on Friday for the first time since she’s been there.  There was still quite a bit of tension there on her end.  It’s clear that we still have a long road ahead, but we feel confident that she is where God wants her to be for now to do the work necessary to have a healthy and happy life.  The therapists feel that she is where she needs to be for only 30 days into this process.  Please continue to pray for healing in our relationships and that she would fully participate in the program.  Continued prayers for the equine therapy which she is NOT a fan of!  I’m not sure how this gal can be SO brave as a gymnast, but not when it comes to horses.  I think it has a lot to do with trust.

Please feel free to share our link with others who may be interested in joining our support team.  We are so humbly grateful for your friendship, support and prayers.  I know that we are going to see miracles unfold in her life.  Thanks for following our story and for loving our family.  We are richly blessed and we know it.

We are so very grateful for our friends and family who have not only donated, but have been faithful to pray for Olivia’s path to healing.  We wanted to offer an update regarding her progress.  She has been at her therapeutic boarding school for about three weeks now and is settling in to the routine.  We are actually not allowed to have communication with her for the first 30 days she is there as to let the “dust settle” a bit.  As difficult as this is, it is also a relief.  We were in a state of pretty high tension for the last six months prior to her being admitted there.  We do get weekly reports regarding her progress and I think things are going pretty well over all.  Part of her treatment includes equine therapy, but she is has a pretty significant fear of horses.  Please pray that she will overcome this and really engage with this type of therapy.  I think it will really be beneficial for her.  We have also met with her new doctor last week and he had a few recommendations for us, so hopefully that will produce positive results.  Regarding our fundraising efforts:  THANK YOU to those of you who have so generously contributed to her care.  This is such a new concept for us, but it is just encouraging to know that others are willing to invest in her future.  Just putting a stop to the trauma of the recent hospitalizations has been such a relief to us (and I’m sure to her as well.). We are still in need of about $2000 to get to our goal to cover March expenses.  We have a little over a week left to get there.  We are also thinking about some additional creative ideas for fundraising so stay tuned for that!  Please remember that all of your donations to the Adoptive Families Coalition are tax deductible.  If we could establish a solid base of monthly sponsorships that would be ideal as to sustain her for the full 12-18 months she will be enrolled there.
One last thing…..those of you who donated early on through the general fundraiser that was on FB will see your donations reflected when FB issues payment to AFC.  I promise it is there and will go DIRECTLY to Olivia’s care. Again, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for partnering with us.  We are so very appreciative of your generosity.

Adoptive Families Coalition (AFC) is writing to you on behalf of Olivia’s family. We are assisting them in funding their daughter’s treatment not covered by insurance. There are very few resources for adoptive families who face the challenges of expensive and lengthy care. We need a community of support! Please consider if you can make a one time or monthly donation to offer Olivia a bright future.

100% of your tax-deductible donation goes directly to the treatment provider. Thank you! 


AFC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the holistic support of adoptive families. Families who faced similar challenges firsthand and understand the need for support founded the nonprofit.