MAYDAY! It’s Mother’s Day!!

Another mother’s day has come and gone, how did you survive?? I hope it was enjoyable and went off without too much drama! My goal was to have this blog out before mother’s day, but really struggled with sending another reminder about a holiday that can be so difficult for us trauma families. Either you have a child at home who has a tendency to sabotage the special day or a child in placement that you dearly miss and/or are relieved they are not home to ruin the day. Well, I still want to send you all the best for your special day! The day didn’t go as planned? Pick a new day and don’t let the kids know!   You deserve to celebrate! Not only are you special and irreplaceable, you are caring for and loving a wounded child’s heart despite being the target of their frustration; all while dealing with your own trauma. Moms, you are AMAZING. Don’t forget to take time to care for yourselves. It is not a luxury, it is a necessity. One cannot pour from an empty pitcher. Do something (healthy) that helps replenish your soul and be kind to yourself. -Jackie