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Support for Your Family

We know firsthand the unique challenges of raising a child with trauma and attachment issues leading to behavioral and mental health struggles. Our mission is to help you navigate those obstacles, raise money, and get the funding, education, and support you need. Our organization believes that families helping families navigate the journey through trauma-related issues will provide a sense of community and understanding from our personal experiences on the complexities of adequate treatment solutions. Our ultimate goal is healing for the child as well as the entire family. If you are an adoptive family with a child in need, AFC offers numerous resources to help.

Kind Words About AFC

AFC compassionately and swiftly partnered with us to help us reach to our community as we asked for the financial support to meet the needs of our girl. The work they do allows families like ours to embrace a road to healing for our whole family. We are grateful and indebted to the team at AFC


We have felt so alone over the last couple of years. As things spiraled we didn’t even know how to connect with others. It (the fundraiser) was such a hard email to write; at the same time it was freeing. We have been so private with all of this that it created shame. Telling people has helped me shed those feelings. Sending the email to our friends, connecting with you and reaching out to more trauma families has been so helpful.


Thank you for all you do for families like mine. Really, thank you doesn’t begin to express my appreciation!