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We know firsthand the unique challenges of raising a child with trauma and attachment issues leading to behavioral and mental health struggles. Our mission is to help you navigate those obstacles, raise money, and get the funding, education, and support you need. Our organization believes that families helping families navigate the journey through trauma-related issues will provide a sense of community and understanding from our personal experiences on the complexities of adequate treatment solutions. Our ultimate goal is healing for the child as well as the entire family. If you are an adoptive family with a child in need, AFC offers numerous resources to help.

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These resources are offered as samples for your reference only and are not intended to represent the best or only resources available on these subjects. We make no guarantee with regard to the accuracy, completeness or suitability of any resource listed and take no responsibility or liability in connection with the use or misuse of any material. Our intent is to offer a sampling of resources related to adoption issues that might be of help to you.

Note: If you enjoy resources from a certain organization, find them on Facebook, “like” them, and then you will receive updates on your Facebook feed. Also, YouTube is a great free resource for informative videos on many of the subjects above.


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This is an ongoing, non exhaustive list of resources we learn about from fellow parents on this journey.

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