What is a Typical Desperation Request to AFC?

The Before Story What is a Typical Desperation Request to AFC? 5-month-old “Spencer” was taken to the hospital with a broken arm. X-rays showed multiple previous breaks that had healed. Since this child and his brother had previously been in child protective services custody they were removed again. “Spencer” and his brother moved from one foster home to another where some parents were unfortunately neglectful and abusive. At last “Spencer” and his brother were placed with their loving forever family. Fast-forward 10 years, 6 therapists, 3 psychiatrists, multiple hospitalizations, and “Spencer’s” adoptive family has reached out to AFC in desperate need for help for their wounded son. His early childhood trauma has resulted in a long list of mental health and behavioral challenges for “Spencer”. He is physically abusive so the family must send him to an out-of-home residence where treatment costs are beyond their means. The above scenario is hard to imagine. However, the trauma endured by this boy and his older sibling is typical of the children we are fighting to save. Such heart breaking situations move us to support the families. Your donations to Adoptive Families Coalition can help this family, as well as the many others who are living a similar story. The After Story What is a Parent’s Story of their Child’s Successful Outcome? In the summer of 2014 a family came to AFC in crisis. Their daughter, “Rachel”, had been struggling with self-harm for several years, failed her entire 8th grade year due to emotional distress and was failing 9th grade. “Rachel” was withdrawn, depressed, struggled socially and had attempted suicide. Despite years of traditional therapy, her emotional stability did not improve and she was slowly sinking into a very dark place. The family needed intensive help for their daughter and was not able to afford the necessary therapeutic treatment. Residential treatment was not covered by their insurance. Because of AFC and generous donors, we were able to offer the family a sponsorship. After 9 months of intensive therapy in a group home setting, she was ready to move back home. “Rachel” is now engaged with the family, making new friends, passing all of her classes with above average grades and no longer turns to self-harm or suicidal thoughts to alleviate her strong emotions! “Rachel” and her family are forever grateful for their support through AFC that made this life changing experience possible. Without help from the community the outcome could have been tragically very different.